The management
system meets

  • ISO 9001
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
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Road transport

We have our own fleet and also can involve additional vehicles, which will timely deliver cargo in international and local directions.

The guarantees of effective work are:

  1. Knowledge of the specifications and technical - operational features of road transport.
  2. Abidance by transport law and civil procedure law
  3. Priorities aimed at safety conditions of cargo

In CIS area the Company adhere provisions of CMR Convention. Terms of the TIR Convention applies mainly to the goods exported and imported to / from Eastern and / or Western Europe.

Our road transportation is: reliable, efficient and low-priced.






Rail transport

The Company is registered in NC "Kazakhstan Temir Zholy" railways freight forwarder and successfully forwarding cargoes on domestic (long-distance) and external (international) rail traffic.

Having enlisted the support of reliable partners at transfer stations and dispatch stations we significantly mitigated risks in organization of handling operations and terminal options.

Currently the Company carries out rail delivery to / from the Commonwealth countries (CIS), China, Eastern and Western Europe, wagon and container shipping.

We are focuses on providing local rail shipments within the Republic of Kazakhstan, also we have experience with regime, oversize cargo

Air freight

Direct contracts with airlines allow us to provide wide variety of cargo transportation on scheduled flights.

The Company has experience in organizing air charter. Accordingly we provide all elements that needed to perform air charter:

  • Aircraft
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Ground personnel
  • Procurement of any permits
  • Landing right
  • Landing fee
  • Licenses
  • Data processing equipment
  • Means of communication and documentation
  • Flight plans
  • Rent and payment for ground facilities

If you choose air freight, we will deliver your cargo in comfort within the minimum period of time.


Sea freight

Maritime transport plays a key role in cargo delivery. Especially in foreign economic relations shipments accounts for over 50%.

In organizing and planning of sea freight we provide full details:

  • Operation procedure of fleet
  • Fleet
  • The most convenient route including ports at call
  • Timetable of regular shipping
  • Processing conditions of cargo in each port indicated in the route

If you prefer sea freight, your shipment will arrive in medium term and the price will surprise you


The companys branches

  • Head office, Atyrau
    060011, Kazakhstan, Atyrau, mcr. Samal 12-70A
    +7 (7122) 766-101
    {* +7 (7122) 766-105
    +7 (7122) 766-107*}
  • Office, Aktau
    130000, Kazakhstan, 1 mkr, BC «Ata-mura»
    +7 (7192) 203-870
    +7 (7192) 203-840
  • Office, Aktobe
    040000, Kazakhstan, street. Sakinbay Batyra, office 74В
    {* +7 (7132) 959-401
    *} +7 (7132) 959-403
  • Office, Uralsk
    070000, Kazakhstan, street. Eskalieva, 177, office 503
    +7 (7112) 505-905
  • Office, Askay
    090300, Kazakhstan, street. Druzhby Narodov, office 1/8А
    +7 (71133) 755-90 {*+7 (71133) 928-53*}