Packing and marking Therefore entrust this to us. Business should bring just pleasure

We focus on packing and marking, because these data insure safety and secure at all track sections.

You may rest assured that the Company will take care about adequate choice of packaging, packing and marking in organizing delivery of your cargo / goods.

Long experience of the Company guarantees you an adequate definition of size, form and technical requirements for packing and marking of your cargo. Such works are included in the total costs of functioning in logistics system.

Our experts are professionals in the field of expertise. Their range of services includes:

  • Classification of type of cargo/goods
  • Classification of its chemical-physical and technological properties
  • Adequate choice of packaging, packing and marking

The last one is very important in the case of regime cargo: oversized, long-length, heavy-weight, hazardous and other.

Inexperienced are challenged to determine correct marking.

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